Sieckmann Metal Fab

Specialist in commercial and residential steel fabrication, installation and seismic upgrades. We pride ourselves on our high quality, efficiency, integrity and building lasting relationships. We work hand in hand with the General Contractor to provide a great team. Big or small projects you can expect the very best.

What We Offer

Specialty Project

Worked with General Contractor to save the Owner money by building a work site 120’ above ground.

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Structural Steel

Structures in which the members are made of steel and are joined by welding, riveting or bolting.

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Steel Decking

Steel deck is a type of cold-formed corrugated metal most commonly used to support the insulating membrane of a roof.

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Stairs and Railings

Handrails are commonly used while ascending or descending stairways and steps in order to prevent injuries and falls.

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Misc Steel

Miscellaneous steel is often the only part of a steel project that remains visible after completion, therefore craftsmanship and finish quality is very important.

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Custom Homes

Custom homes typically are the only homes that require steel. Cantilevered decks, great room, large windows and radius rails are some of the specialty steel in homes.

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